How to free yourself from performing routine, banal and boring tasks

How to free yourself from performing routine, banal and boring tasks

Without human  contact

What is automation?

Automated processes are becoming more and more common around the world and not far from the day when they will completely replace the need for human hand contact, today diverse processes are taking place in sensor developments and artificial intelligence systems which are replacing a host of human professions.

So in order to understand what automated processes are, we will understand what the word automation is.

Automation comes from the Greek language and means "running by itself", it basically constitutes the use of electronic mechanical means p to perform a series of activities in a regulated sequence.

Automation frees the person from performing routine, banal and tedious tasks that are repetitively and tediously repeated, and allows those sensors and artificial intelligence systems to do for the person independently.

Today you can see a wide range of uses for non-contact products, this is reflected in all areas of life from the world of retail and law to the world of security, so for example there is already artificial intelligence looking for laws instead of lawyers, robots who guard and patrol instead of security, there are scanners in the scanner The products are without a human hand, and even an automatic hand sanitizer which has become especially useful in the 'corona era', a light that operates according to an automatic sensor

If this is how the world becomes more technological and automated and products that do not require human contact are not going to disappear from the world but only get better and upgraded, and as they say if you can not beat them, join them. After all, non-contact products come only to make it easier for us humans, and allow us to save and streamline time, because instead of performing tedious and tedious actions in it we will be able to adjust ourselves in it, and spend more time with our loved ones.

How do automotive products and tassels come into our lives in the Corna era and why?

Until recently we still remembered what a hug was, the technology giants bragged about their touch products and made sure to show them at the front of the stage as much as possible, but in 2020 it devoured the cards as the corona that popped up and arrived decided to spread across the globe indiscriminately. We moved to social distance or in other words to touchles.

If in the past the touch pads were a coveted trend and a marketing advantage, today those pads have become life-threatening corona incubators that everyone wants to get away from, and have been replaced by the touch pads that are driven by sound-activated sensors or body movements.

Today most businesses have done a route recalculation and changed the way they conduct themselves to try and break the contagion chains. They started using touch products such as: automatic hand sanitizer, automatic soap dispensers, sensors that open doors automatically, automatic hand dryers, automatic heat meters and even automatic faucets.

Beyond cutting off the chain of contagion in businesses, it is equally important to reduce the points of friction and contact at home as well. After all door handles, kitchen faucets and toilets and switches are all areas prone to the accumulation of bacteria, viruses and pathogens everywhere in the home space.

To date, the touch products, which led the Korna to the forefront of the stage, have been a significant advantage over touch products as due to the sophisticated technology of today it is easy to operate them by batteries that do not consume electricity, their maintenance is small and can be used independently.

 If so, the question arises why, why have they not been used to date?

Apparently the same products have not been widely used to date (both in businesses and privately), due to lack of knowledge. Many businesses and individuals thought that the costs of those products were expensive and inaccessible, and that their operation required more energy and resources and therefore refrained from purchasing style products. But due to the spread of the corona around the world and the compulsion to avoid forced contact on those businesses and even individuals to adopt new lifestyles, and exposed us to a new world a wonderful world of tassels where you can purchase efficient products and affordable for every pocket like automatic hand sanitizer, automatic motion sensor for alarm, soap Automatic, produces automatic foam, an automatic toothpaste dispenser for adults, and similarly a toothpaste dispenser for children, and even an automatic tin that prevents contact with the lid that accumulates bacteria and germs.

If you rummage a little more you will find automatic products even for your pet like automatic feeders, and automatic toilets.

 Five Easy Tips for Keeping Clean in the Corona Age 

The corona era places an emphasis on the world of cleanliness, since it is precisely on these sensitive days that it is important to clean houses from the corona virus in order to reduce the damage and reduce the chances of infection.

We have collected a number of effective tips that will make your life worry-free with a minimum of effort

1. First of all one of the important things to do is to maintain personal hygiene and be sure to wash your hands with soap and water for about 20 seconds. Today there are even automatic soap dispensers that streamline the operation and due to their uniqueness encourage children to wash their hands. If there is no tap in the area, the hands should be disinfected with alcohol independently or from an automatic disinfection facility found in many businesses.

2. Disinfectant products, as it is very important to choose the right disinfectant products, and add bleach if necessary. For every 3.8 liters of water it is recommended to add about 5 tablespoons of bleach. You can also use products that contain a high percentage of alcohol.

3. Cleaning mattresses and sofas, although it may be more complex, is very necessary, since bacteria also accumulate on the mattress and beyond the corona dust accumulates, washing the covers can be useful for disinfection and even vacuuming the cover with a vacuum cleaner. automatic.

4. Cleaning the floor, it is important to wash the tiles especially after the arrival of guests, and to optimize the cleaning, an automatic wiper can be used.

5. Cleaning surfaces such as chests of drawers, shelves, tables and work surfaces, can optimize life and reduce exposure to the virus, as many bacteria accumulate on surfaces and do not evaporate, human contact with those surfaces and then touching the face in the nose or mouth can lead to virus infection It is therefore important to disinfect those recommended surfaces with cloths that have an increased percentage of alcohol and are dedicated to it.

June 12, 2022 — amir kahil
5 TIPS TO KEEP IN MIND when renovating your bathroom.

5 TIPS TO KEEP IN MIND when renovating your bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling - how to do it in the most efficient and cost-effective way, costs, what professionals need and can it be done ourselves?

5 tips to keep in mind when renovating your bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling and remodeling in general can be a thought we very much want to do, our attitude however sometimes pulls the action and does not directly motivate the gas to run for renovation, but do lots and lots of testing before with all kinds of professionals and products.

Why is this happening? First of all often misunderstanding, in how it is supposed to work and what cost will I have to invest?

Today, renovations in the shower range in cost from a few thousand shekels to tens of thousands of shekels. (Between 10,000 and 20,000 shekels on average)

Will I need one professional? two? To buy the products from dance or from Israel or can I pay someone to do all the work for me?

If you are planning a bathroom renovation and you want to upgrade your standard of living at home and really love your entrance to the shower room and significant savings in your pocket, so you can read the following five tips:

1. What do you want to improve? - Rule number one is to first think - Okay, what do we want to improve? The fixture in the shower?The faucet? the colors?

Today, we all want to live on the level of a hotel in our own home.

Think you could not touch anything, and everything would work for you. Sounds good, right?

Some products that will significantly improve your life, with time savings, efficiency, convenience and of course costs:

- Non-contact automatic faucet that only reaches out and it works, according to a motion sensor

- A beautiful shower facility like in hotels, with an adjustable douche at exactly the angle we want with the colors we want

-Automatic soap dispenser without hand contact, which comes out a special foam for hand washing, without touching anything and with significant savings in your soaps, and we built .. It's just fun to feel that your home works for you.

Toothbrush and toothpaste dispenser - the most fun that everything is sterile! There are no brushes on the sink, no toothpaste that is smeared all over the sink and needs to be cleaned all the time, or look for cups that you can take out the water in the morning the way you like.

There is an amazing product that simply solves all these challenges for you, and makes you a beautiful sterile sink and a much improved shower - all in one product that works in an simply amazing way.

2. Should I drill in the wall?

In the shower its  a little more complicated just to drill, because usually there is marble or tiles on the wall.

so what are we doing?

A very simple solution, or to drill and actually make holes in the ceramics,

Or put a special sticker that hangs everything.

Where do you find it?

In all our products you can actually be impressed by the level of ease of hanging / standing.

For example, in the non-contact automatic paper dispenser, you can see how easy it is to hang a product in the shower - without drilling and without holes in the wall!

Need - Every family in Israel has a different need and a vision for a shower and toilets suitable for residence.

A shower  that works hard, a paper dispenser to wipe your hands, a soap dispenser, a toothbrush dispenser instead of putting in a cup that becomes useless over time, a faucet that works well,

These are all mandatory products in every shower.

Agree with me that when we all when we move into a new apartment / how many years in the apartment we want to renew, just do not know what the costs are and how to do it.

All these products thanks to the corona and the high standard of living of 2021,

Highly recommended for products without human hand contact - automatically.

Such products range from a few hundred shekels, usually between 150-4000 shekels per product.

You can do everything yourself!

Advantages and disadvantages of bathroom renovation:

* When the purchase is made wisely you have earned a quality bath for many years to come. A spot renovation only buys you a little more time.

* A new bathroom can completely change the look, atmosphere and design tone of the room.

* When purchasing a new bath you can buy an up-to-date and pampering product.

* A new bath will not steal from the existing place like a worn bath.

* A new bath creates a clean look and feel throughout the room.

How much does a bathroom renovation cost and how can it be reduced in cost?

The cost of a bathroom renovation can be priced by the meter, by project or by the cost of all the works requested.

Usually an renovation of an existing bathroom, including painting and gluing flooring, may cost from NIS 8,000 or more, although this varies depending on the work requested, the size of the bathroom, with or without material and ceramics, etc.

Things that can make your quote more expensive are anything that requires breaking walls or flooring, building walls, making repairs or replacing plumbing, sewers or powering.

Some of the works that also deal with these issues are included in the general quote for bathroom renovation however there are certain things that will add to your final price.

Sometimes if you buy the flooring yourself for example or take care of the plastering of the walls yourself, you can save a little on the cost of the renovation.

5. Bathroom and toilet design is a complex process that includes choosing colors, choosing safe and nice materials, choosing lighting fixtures, choosing storage ways and adding small touches.

The following is a brief explanation of all the important parameters:

* Safety - Maintaining safety is the most important issue as an unsafe bathroom will not help in any way.

To avoid risks, purchase non-slip bathroom flooring. Also, the electrical outlets should be placed at a suitable height so that they do not get wet.

* Suitable color - the choice of colors is very important, so it is advisable to go for sure and choose ceramic tiles and flooring in light shades.

* Adapted materials - When choosing the materials, make sure that the materials are suitable for damp and wet rooms.

To prevent the stains and scale from protruding, it is advisable to choose more striped materials and a matte finish.

* Lighting - it is very important to choose delicate lighting and place the light fixture in the area of the mirror but not above the mirror - something that will damage the reflected mirror.

The light fixture should be placed on both sides of the mirror and at the height of the head. Choosing the right lighting and the right location will allow the household members to perform all the routine activities comfortably - so that it will be possible to put on make-up, shave, brush teeth, etc. Another tip regarding lighting would be to choose LED lighting, this lighting will not heat the space and will be energy efficient.

* Storage - Choose suitable storage solutions that will help maintain order.

The storage solutions that can be - bathroom cabinet, hangers for hanging on the wall, open shelves, designed bathroom cabinets, etc. must be adapted to the size of the space.

* Bathroom accessories - Designed bathrooms may be obtained by choosing unique bathroom accessories, such as an impressive bathroom sink, shiny bathroom faucets, etc.

Bathroom accessories can also be small rugs (they should be placed in an area that does not pose a risk of slipping and make sure that they are resistant to water and moisture and do not emit an unpleasant odor after contact with water).

You can also add impressive sets, choose designed showers, choose pictures for bathroom design - you can also choose designer toilets for bathrooms that contain funny illustrations, you can choose a bathroom look with a unique design and more.

How can I save all the headache and do it myself?

You can find all the bathroom accessories with us, all without human contact and with maximum comfort for the long-term consumer.

Plus, there are tutorial videos for everything you just need to see and do it very quickly in your shower without the need for any professionals or shops. You will be able to do everything very quickly on your own.

If you still want advice on shower renovation, at cost prices only including a professional on our behalf, you can consult a representative from the chat about everything and we can take care of you with a neat work plan at no cost.

As for the products, all with free shipping :)

Now that you have the tools to do everything fast and cheap,

lets do it,

let us help you, it will be our pleasure.

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How to save time cleaning your home

How to save time cleaning your home

1. Keep the stainless steel shiny from

Fingerprints, stains and watermarks,they  are the enemies of sinks and stainless steel countertops. Mineral oil can help you defeat them.

Pour a little mineral oil on a cloth and wipe it once a week.

The mineral oil also helps maintain toothpaste and other items in the sink, making it easier to wipe them off.

Another thing is to make sure that nothing but a bottle of soap and alcohol (or other essentials for you in addition) will be on the bathroom sink to maintain maximum sterility and cleanliness.

For this purpose it is recommended to put a device for brushes and toothpastes and a faucet without automatic contact to save water and excessive moisture.

2. Window polishing is a winning method.

Can't get the shine you want with a splash of soap and paper towels?

Our chosen tool is a professional-level window mop, which you can find in almost every homeware store or online.

Put a drop of dish soap in a water bottle, wipe it generously on the window with a cloth, then close it.

Go from top to bottom and wipe the blade of the squeegee each time to the bottom,

And you will get a window free of stripes and dirt.

If you do not want to use a mop, we recommend a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. When wiping with the cloth, use horizontal strokes and approach to make from top to bottom.

Do not clean a window by rubbing in circles, which can leave streaks, and avoid wiping glass with newspaper or paper towels, which leave residue.

3. Clean using the NML method, ml.

Clear from top to bottom, left to right.

Start at the top of the room, like a ceiling fan dust, and work up to the floor to avoid unnecessary work.

Do not start cleaning a room by wiping the coffee table, then the shutters, and you will see the dust falling from your shutters covering your new coffee table that you have just cleaned. Start at the top of the room, like a ceiling fan dust, and work to the floor to avoid unnecessary work.

Also, left-to-right cleaning ensures that you cover the entire room instead of leaping from place to place.


Most people see something and clean it, and then they look up and see something else and clean it, and the dirt falls on what you just cleaned.

If you work from top to bottom and from left to right, you work once instead of cleaning newly cleaned areas.

4. Create a system for yourself.

To cut your cleaning time in half, it all starts with the system. That is, clean the house in the same order at a time: work on one room at a time, start and finish in the same place in the room so you do not waste time running back and forth,

Then proceed to the next stop at home.

Also at the station after it, we will continue with the same method.

Work only on the room, start and finish in the same place in the room of your choice - usually at the entrance, finish the room without going back and forth all the time, and continue to the next stop.

To reduce the time, you need to be consistent - this is the whole premise.

You do the same thing every time you clean, so it's a routine. Routine is the method, and it's a better way to clean up because speed comes from the method instead of rushing and improvising.

If you do, you can actually clean your house in half the time. This is not a gimmick.

5. Lemon is the secret

Rust stains in the yard, balconies, floors and entrance are an ugly sight, but you do not need acid to remove them.

Use lemon instead. The acid in the lemon juice will dissolve the rust. Cut the lemon in half, squeeze the juice over the stain and let it soak for about 10 minutes. For stains that have been on the concrete for weeks, months or more, they should be rubbed with a hard bristle brush. Then rinse the lemon juice and detergent with clean water.

June 12, 2022 — amir kahil
Office hygiene - 5 places where you share bacteria with colleagues

Office hygiene - 5 places where you share bacteria with colleagues

Office hygiene - 5 places where you share bacteria with colleagues

You have already cleaned the house for Passover, but what about your workplace? Here are the places within the workplace where there are the most bacteria, what can be done to keep them from, and how to work in a clean environment with a few small additions to your office and home.


In the crowded world we live in, it is difficult to impossible to avoid bacteria; Public transportation, door handles, touch, waiting rooms and also ... our work space. Especially when it comes to multi-employee workplaces, we cannot completely avoid germs. And really, most employees say they like working in front of people in the office more than in the open.

So maybe one of the reasons for this has to do with cleanliness?


Even without being obsessed with the subject and without completely switching to work from home, which is also where we usually donate a lot of energy to clean the house, there are certain areas in the workplace that are a larger transit point for bacteria, and with proper conduct we can reduce our exposure and contact with them.


Want to save your sick days?

Stay routine without stopping?

Pay attention to the places where you share the most bacteria with your co-workers:


Desk, keyboard, mouse

If you have a regular work station, you probably only meet your bacteria there, but if you share it with other workers (like working at a hotline, or on shifts), that's a different story.


what's the solution?

First of all, before both you and your colleagues touch one of your products, it is important to disinfect your hand with alcohol with an automatic alcohol spray device that is spread directly into hands without contact.

If more people are working in your position, you should start the day or shift with wiping (using wet wipes, or disinfectants). In addition, it is not advisable to eat in a position, or put hands in the mouth or eyes, to prevent the passage of bacteria.

Any kind of handles

The door handles are probably the thing that most people touch during the day. Enough that one of them is sick with the flu, or a virus in the stomach and it passes on. If some of them did not wash their hands after going to the bathroom - then you have another collection of bacteria waiting for you to collect it on your hands.


what's the solution?

Very simple - do not forget to wash your hands after using the toilet together with a non-contact automatic device that produces soap foam, this way you will also save your soap and everything without contact and automatically. And if possible, avoid contact with the handles. how? Be creative and try to push with your foot, elbow, or using toilet paper.

You can save touch and hassle together with an automatic door bracket, which with this plugin will save you the hassle and you can move on with your life without worry.


Any machine with buttons - like a coffee machine, copier, dishwasher, etc.

Everyone presses the buttons of the copier, or in the house of the washing machines, of the TV, etc.,

So the bacteria spread with their help quite easily. If it's a coffee machine, the situation is worse because you're about to drink something and then there's a chance it's going in here. Beyond that, if stamping your attendance clock at work is done using a fingerprint, wash your hands before you touch the food.


what's the solution?

First of all measure heat with a non-contact automatic thermometer, which is a must today in any business, as long as we can not get others to wash their hands, the best thing we can do to protect ourselves is to wash our hands.

You can move easily with our new automatic faucet and of course everything is non-contact and will also make you feel safer, and also that your standard of living has increased by several levels, however, what automatic makes our life easier.

The shared refrigerator

In the refrigerator of the workplace there is another factor for the spread of bacteria and it is everyone's food; A cottage that opened two weeks ago and a lunch box that someone abandoned and meanwhile raises mold - all of which contribute to the contamination of the shared refrigerator at work.


what's the solution?

You should make sure that all the contents of the refrigerator are thrown away once a week and that the refrigerator itself is cleaned. If the workplace does not take care of this, you can keep your food clean if you store it in a well-sealed box. Also, pay attention to the dates on the food packaging and let others know about spoiled food that needs to be thrown out.


Mugs, plates and cutlery

Dishes that are washed in shared kitchens do not come out so clean. Especially if there is no dishwasher and when a layer of dirt accumulates on the coffee cups. And that’s before we even started talking about the cleaning sink of the shared sink, which is perhaps the largest bacterial substrate of all.


what's the solution?

First of all, you should have a regular cup, which you will wash yourself.

how? Use an automatic soap dispenser for the dishwashing liquid and thus do not touch the dispenser and maintain hygiene. In addition, instead of placing the cup, take the soap, rinse it, press the manual soap dispenser, just reach out and the liquid comes out alone. Magic, eh?

Wash your water bottle at least once a day and if you can not stand it, take it home at the end of each day.

In addition, if you want to be pampered, there is also an automatic fixture for each bottle, which you just reach out and it will automatically pour you water from the bottle into a glass.


Dishwasher or even hot tap water, are a bonus mountains. So if you did not win, soak your personal dishes in boiling water for a few minutes. And best of all, take them home for rinsing. Because there is nothing like home.

And most importantly: without panic

Despite all that has been said above, exaggerations also have a dangerous side. Because keeping it clean is great, but even that should have a reasonable and reasonable limit so as not to turn the matter into an unhealthy disorder. According to experts, over-cleaning can be just as problematic as an illness, with the extreme case being an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).


She also adds some tips on how to keep clean, without getting out of hand:


• It is important to maintain reasonable care, but not to overdo it. If there are no exceptional circumstances, such as working in a hospital or a medical problem affecting the immune system, there is no reason to take special precautions.


• It is enough to wash your hands after the toilet and before eating. Beyond that, use common sense to avoid situations that could be more dangerous: If the joint sponge has not been replaced for a long time and looks filthy, avoid it. If one of the workers sneezes constantly it is advisable not to touch the surfaces he has touched and so on.


• If you are aware that you are overly apprehensive, and if you are in a situation where listening to reason means constantly cleaning and avoiding, consult a person you trust to create a realistic scale.


• Remember, you have an immune system, so even if touching the bathroom door feels dangerous to you, chances are you will be able to survive it.

You will find all these items with us in a wide range of hygiene products that will improve your life and comfort.

And of course your standard of living.

Because in 2021 it is possible to bring the hotel, all the way to our home and also to work.

June 12, 2022 — amir kahil
5 Simple actions for protection against corona

5 Simple actions for protection against corona

5 simple actions for protection against corona

Wear a mask  - nose

Wear a mask in any situation where you are not alone in a room or public space with someone who is not a regular member of the household.

Wearing a mask that covers the mouth and nose has proven itself, and contrary to speculation at the beginning of the outbreak, today there is already a lot of information that clearly shows that a mask provides excellent protection for both those who wear it and those who wear it.

A mask should also be worn during a conversation. You can also be understood when you talk to a mask. Unfortunately, many wear a mask on the street (afraid of getting fined) But Then  remove it when entering a job or business. Remember, with unprotected exposure to a co-worker you are also indirectly exposed to his family members. Are they meticulous?

2. Maintain hygiene

Frequent hand washing with soap and water or hand sanitizer with alcohol reduces the risk of contact infection.

Need to sneeze? Only towards the elbow and not the palm.

How do we maintain one hundred percent hygiene and on the way we also have an easier life and mind?

Automatic toilet faucet

Automatic faucet for kitchen sink

An automatic alcohol spray that anyone can easily use without contact

Automatic dishwashing bottle

Automatic foam soap bottle

Light that turns on and off automatically without a button

And more and more, it is important to note that they are all non-contact - which prevents unnecessary bacteria and makes our lives easier in terms of time comfort and motivation.

3. Do not leave the house when sick

Even patients with a mild illness can be contagious. No one will appreciate you if you come sick to work. vice versa. You will not be forgiven for that. And it's also illegal

4. Aesthetics in business / at home

Aesthetics in business?

The first aspect in which the cleanliness of the work environment affects the productivity of the workers is the aesthetic aspect.

Everyone knows intuitively that a clean environment is a more aesthetic environment, and these relationships are so significant that much thought is devoted to interior design issues to give the space an appearance of cleanliness already in terms of design.

These interactions are two-way, and a non-clean environment is perceived as neglected - which has not only affected employees' moods, but also the way they perceive their work environment.

Employees will operate with greater complacency and lower attention for a business they perceive as neglected, whereas for a well-maintained business they will operate more attentively to meet its professional standards.

5. A clean environment is a more positive environment

Apart from the specific effects of the aesthetic aspect and the health aspect on the productivity of the workers, both also affect a third aspect which also in itself adds or detracts from the productivity of the workers.

This is the mood of the employees, and their satisfaction in the workplace.

An unclean work environment will be unaesthetic and unhealthy, and these two characteristics - each in its own way - will impair employee satisfaction and cause them discomfort in the work environment.

This discomfort is far more important than one might think, because even if the employee tries to overcome it and provide the highest possible output, dissatisfaction will give its minimal signals about his focus, his concentration and his energy - and over time, it will accumulate to the point. Significant impairment of employee productivity over time.

It should also not be forgotten that this example discusses only the most industrious worker who try to overcome his usual unpleasant feelings - the average worker is likely to react more radically, resent, and thus his productivity will go down and down more and more.

On the other hand, a clean work environment, which results in a hygienic, healthy and aesthetic environment, will produce exactly the opposite effect.

It will make employees feel more positive, fresh and happy, which will be expressed in the workplace with high diligence, focus and concentration, which will significantly increase their productivity.

How do we maintain a clean environment?

It is not enough to know that it is important to keep the work environment clean, but one must also know how to do it efficiently.

Whether we employ an outside cleaning company that takes care of all the cleaning and hygiene issues or whether we employ cleaning workers directly, we must make sure that they perform their work comprehensively and efficiently to ensure that the results are optimal.

In addition, by drawing the attention of the employees themselves in the workplace to the issues of cleanliness, and by encouraging them to maintain proper cleanliness, it is possible to ensure that the entire cleaning routine in the office is carried out with the highest efficiency.

What it usually does is make it convenient for employees / occupants of the home, through a number of products and habits that are instilled in each of the people closest to you in the same environment.

So as we understand,

Automated and non-contact products are products that have become a significant and important part of our lives and human life in general,

Which in addition also lightens our lives and makes us accessible to hygiene and comfort (and sometimes also saving money) in the best and most convenient way that can be.

Where can you find such products?

You can enter the menu here,

Or enter one of our lotteries, and you can already renew today and enjoy the technology of 2021 for only a few hundred dollars.

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