Bathroom remodeling - how to do it in the most efficient and cost-effective way, costs, what professionals need and can it be done ourselves?

5 tips to keep in mind when renovating your bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling and remodeling in general can be a thought we very much want to do, our attitude however sometimes pulls the action and does not directly motivate the gas to run for renovation, but do lots and lots of testing before with all kinds of professionals and products.

Why is this happening? First of all often misunderstanding, in how it is supposed to work and what cost will I have to invest?

Today, renovations in the shower range in cost from a few thousand shekels to tens of thousands of shekels. (Between 10,000 and 20,000 shekels on average)

Will I need one professional? two? To buy the products from dance or from Israel or can I pay someone to do all the work for me?

If you are planning a bathroom renovation and you want to upgrade your standard of living at home and really love your entrance to the shower room and significant savings in your pocket, so you can read the following five tips:

1. What do you want to improve? - Rule number one is to first think - Okay, what do we want to improve? The fixture in the shower?The faucet? the colors?

Today, we all want to live on the level of a hotel in our own home.

Think you could not touch anything, and everything would work for you. Sounds good, right?

Some products that will significantly improve your life, with time savings, efficiency, convenience and of course costs:

- Non-contact automatic faucet that only reaches out and it works, according to a motion sensor

- A beautiful shower facility like in hotels, with an adjustable douche at exactly the angle we want with the colors we want

-Automatic soap dispenser without hand contact, which comes out a special foam for hand washing, without touching anything and with significant savings in your soaps, and we built .. It's just fun to feel that your home works for you.

Toothbrush and toothpaste dispenser - the most fun that everything is sterile! There are no brushes on the sink, no toothpaste that is smeared all over the sink and needs to be cleaned all the time, or look for cups that you can take out the water in the morning the way you like.

There is an amazing product that simply solves all these challenges for you, and makes you a beautiful sterile sink and a much improved shower - all in one product that works in an simply amazing way.

2. Should I drill in the wall?

In the shower its  a little more complicated just to drill, because usually there is marble or tiles on the wall.

so what are we doing?

A very simple solution, or to drill and actually make holes in the ceramics,

Or put a special sticker that hangs everything.

Where do you find it?

In all our products you can actually be impressed by the level of ease of hanging / standing.

For example, in the non-contact automatic paper dispenser, you can see how easy it is to hang a product in the shower - without drilling and without holes in the wall!

Need - Every family in Israel has a different need and a vision for a shower and toilets suitable for residence.

A shower  that works hard, a paper dispenser to wipe your hands, a soap dispenser, a toothbrush dispenser instead of putting in a cup that becomes useless over time, a faucet that works well,

These are all mandatory products in every shower.

Agree with me that when we all when we move into a new apartment / how many years in the apartment we want to renew, just do not know what the costs are and how to do it.

All these products thanks to the corona and the high standard of living of 2021,

Highly recommended for products without human hand contact - automatically.

Such products range from a few hundred shekels, usually between 150-4000 shekels per product.

You can do everything yourself!

Advantages and disadvantages of bathroom renovation:

* When the purchase is made wisely you have earned a quality bath for many years to come. A spot renovation only buys you a little more time.

* A new bathroom can completely change the look, atmosphere and design tone of the room.

* When purchasing a new bath you can buy an up-to-date and pampering product.

* A new bath will not steal from the existing place like a worn bath.

* A new bath creates a clean look and feel throughout the room.

How much does a bathroom renovation cost and how can it be reduced in cost?

The cost of a bathroom renovation can be priced by the meter, by project or by the cost of all the works requested.

Usually an renovation of an existing bathroom, including painting and gluing flooring, may cost from NIS 8,000 or more, although this varies depending on the work requested, the size of the bathroom, with or without material and ceramics, etc.

Things that can make your quote more expensive are anything that requires breaking walls or flooring, building walls, making repairs or replacing plumbing, sewers or powering.

Some of the works that also deal with these issues are included in the general quote for bathroom renovation however there are certain things that will add to your final price.

Sometimes if you buy the flooring yourself for example or take care of the plastering of the walls yourself, you can save a little on the cost of the renovation.

5. Bathroom and toilet design is a complex process that includes choosing colors, choosing safe and nice materials, choosing lighting fixtures, choosing storage ways and adding small touches.

The following is a brief explanation of all the important parameters:

* Safety - Maintaining safety is the most important issue as an unsafe bathroom will not help in any way.

To avoid risks, purchase non-slip bathroom flooring. Also, the electrical outlets should be placed at a suitable height so that they do not get wet.

* Suitable color - the choice of colors is very important, so it is advisable to go for sure and choose ceramic tiles and flooring in light shades.

* Adapted materials - When choosing the materials, make sure that the materials are suitable for damp and wet rooms.

To prevent the stains and scale from protruding, it is advisable to choose more striped materials and a matte finish.

* Lighting - it is very important to choose delicate lighting and place the light fixture in the area of the mirror but not above the mirror - something that will damage the reflected mirror.

The light fixture should be placed on both sides of the mirror and at the height of the head. Choosing the right lighting and the right location will allow the household members to perform all the routine activities comfortably - so that it will be possible to put on make-up, shave, brush teeth, etc. Another tip regarding lighting would be to choose LED lighting, this lighting will not heat the space and will be energy efficient.

* Storage - Choose suitable storage solutions that will help maintain order.

The storage solutions that can be - bathroom cabinet, hangers for hanging on the wall, open shelves, designed bathroom cabinets, etc. must be adapted to the size of the space.

* Bathroom accessories - Designed bathrooms may be obtained by choosing unique bathroom accessories, such as an impressive bathroom sink, shiny bathroom faucets, etc.

Bathroom accessories can also be small rugs (they should be placed in an area that does not pose a risk of slipping and make sure that they are resistant to water and moisture and do not emit an unpleasant odor after contact with water).

You can also add impressive sets, choose designed showers, choose pictures for bathroom design - you can also choose designer toilets for bathrooms that contain funny illustrations, you can choose a bathroom look with a unique design and more.

How can I save all the headache and do it myself?

You can find all the bathroom accessories with us, all without human contact and with maximum comfort for the long-term consumer.

Plus, there are tutorial videos for everything you just need to see and do it very quickly in your shower without the need for any professionals or shops. You will be able to do everything very quickly on your own.

If you still want advice on shower renovation, at cost prices only including a professional on our behalf, you can consult a representative from the chat about everything and we can take care of you with a neat work plan at no cost.

As for the products, all with free shipping :)

Now that you have the tools to do everything fast and cheap,

lets do it,

let us help you, it will be our pleasure.

June 12, 2022 — amir kahil