Without human  contact

What is automation?

Automated processes are becoming more and more common around the world and not far from the day when they will completely replace the need for human hand contact, today diverse processes are taking place in sensor developments and artificial intelligence systems which are replacing a host of human professions.

So in order to understand what automated processes are, we will understand what the word automation is.

Automation comes from the Greek language and means "running by itself", it basically constitutes the use of electronic mechanical means p to perform a series of activities in a regulated sequence.

Automation frees the person from performing routine, banal and tedious tasks that are repetitively and tediously repeated, and allows those sensors and artificial intelligence systems to do for the person independently.

Today you can see a wide range of uses for non-contact products, this is reflected in all areas of life from the world of retail and law to the world of security, so for example there is already artificial intelligence looking for laws instead of lawyers, robots who guard and patrol instead of security, there are scanners in the scanner The products are without a human hand, and even an automatic hand sanitizer which has become especially useful in the 'corona era', a light that operates according to an automatic sensor

If this is how the world becomes more technological and automated and products that do not require human contact are not going to disappear from the world but only get better and upgraded, and as they say if you can not beat them, join them. After all, non-contact products come only to make it easier for us humans, and allow us to save and streamline time, because instead of performing tedious and tedious actions in it we will be able to adjust ourselves in it, and spend more time with our loved ones.

How do automotive products and tassels come into our lives in the Corna era and why?

Until recently we still remembered what a hug was, the technology giants bragged about their touch products and made sure to show them at the front of the stage as much as possible, but in 2020 it devoured the cards as the corona that popped up and arrived decided to spread across the globe indiscriminately. We moved to social distance or in other words to touchles.

If in the past the touch pads were a coveted trend and a marketing advantage, today those pads have become life-threatening corona incubators that everyone wants to get away from, and have been replaced by the touch pads that are driven by sound-activated sensors or body movements.

Today most businesses have done a route recalculation and changed the way they conduct themselves to try and break the contagion chains. They started using touch products such as: automatic hand sanitizer, automatic soap dispensers, sensors that open doors automatically, automatic hand dryers, automatic heat meters and even automatic faucets.

Beyond cutting off the chain of contagion in businesses, it is equally important to reduce the points of friction and contact at home as well. After all door handles, kitchen faucets and toilets and switches are all areas prone to the accumulation of bacteria, viruses and pathogens everywhere in the home space.

To date, the touch products, which led the Korna to the forefront of the stage, have been a significant advantage over touch products as due to the sophisticated technology of today it is easy to operate them by batteries that do not consume electricity, their maintenance is small and can be used independently.

 If so, the question arises why, why have they not been used to date?

Apparently the same products have not been widely used to date (both in businesses and privately), due to lack of knowledge. Many businesses and individuals thought that the costs of those products were expensive and inaccessible, and that their operation required more energy and resources and therefore refrained from purchasing style products. But due to the spread of the corona around the world and the compulsion to avoid forced contact on those businesses and even individuals to adopt new lifestyles, and exposed us to a new world a wonderful world of tassels where you can purchase efficient products and affordable for every pocket like automatic hand sanitizer, automatic motion sensor for alarm, soap Automatic, produces automatic foam, an automatic toothpaste dispenser for adults, and similarly a toothpaste dispenser for children, and even an automatic tin that prevents contact with the lid that accumulates bacteria and germs.

If you rummage a little more you will find automatic products even for your pet like automatic feeders, and automatic toilets.

 Five Easy Tips for Keeping Clean in the Corona Age 

The corona era places an emphasis on the world of cleanliness, since it is precisely on these sensitive days that it is important to clean houses from the corona virus in order to reduce the damage and reduce the chances of infection.

We have collected a number of effective tips that will make your life worry-free with a minimum of effort

1. First of all one of the important things to do is to maintain personal hygiene and be sure to wash your hands with soap and water for about 20 seconds. Today there are even automatic soap dispensers that streamline the operation and due to their uniqueness encourage children to wash their hands. If there is no tap in the area, the hands should be disinfected with alcohol independently or from an automatic disinfection facility found in many businesses.

2. Disinfectant products, as it is very important to choose the right disinfectant products, and add bleach if necessary. For every 3.8 liters of water it is recommended to add about 5 tablespoons of bleach. You can also use products that contain a high percentage of alcohol.

3. Cleaning mattresses and sofas, although it may be more complex, is very necessary, since bacteria also accumulate on the mattress and beyond the corona dust accumulates, washing the covers can be useful for disinfection and even vacuuming the cover with a vacuum cleaner. automatic.

4. Cleaning the floor, it is important to wash the tiles especially after the arrival of guests, and to optimize the cleaning, an automatic wiper can be used.

5. Cleaning surfaces such as chests of drawers, shelves, tables and work surfaces, can optimize life and reduce exposure to the virus, as many bacteria accumulate on surfaces and do not evaporate, human contact with those surfaces and then touching the face in the nose or mouth can lead to virus infection It is therefore important to disinfect those recommended surfaces with cloths that have an increased percentage of alcohol and are dedicated to it.

June 12, 2022 — amir kahil