5 simple actions for protection against corona

Wear a mask  - nose

Wear a mask in any situation where you are not alone in a room or public space with someone who is not a regular member of the household.

Wearing a mask that covers the mouth and nose has proven itself, and contrary to speculation at the beginning of the outbreak, today there is already a lot of information that clearly shows that a mask provides excellent protection for both those who wear it and those who wear it.

A mask should also be worn during a conversation. You can also be understood when you talk to a mask. Unfortunately, many wear a mask on the street (afraid of getting fined) But Then  remove it when entering a job or business. Remember, with unprotected exposure to a co-worker you are also indirectly exposed to his family members. Are they meticulous?

2. Maintain hygiene

Frequent hand washing with soap and water or hand sanitizer with alcohol reduces the risk of contact infection.

Need to sneeze? Only towards the elbow and not the palm.

How do we maintain one hundred percent hygiene and on the way we also have an easier life and mind?

Automatic toilet faucet

Automatic faucet for kitchen sink

An automatic alcohol spray that anyone can easily use without contact

Automatic dishwashing bottle

Automatic foam soap bottle

Light that turns on and off automatically without a button

And more and more, it is important to note that they are all non-contact - which prevents unnecessary bacteria and makes our lives easier in terms of time comfort and motivation.

3. Do not leave the house when sick

Even patients with a mild illness can be contagious. No one will appreciate you if you come sick to work. vice versa. You will not be forgiven for that. And it's also illegal

4. Aesthetics in business / at home

Aesthetics in business?

The first aspect in which the cleanliness of the work environment affects the productivity of the workers is the aesthetic aspect.

Everyone knows intuitively that a clean environment is a more aesthetic environment, and these relationships are so significant that much thought is devoted to interior design issues to give the space an appearance of cleanliness already in terms of design.

These interactions are two-way, and a non-clean environment is perceived as neglected - which has not only affected employees' moods, but also the way they perceive their work environment.

Employees will operate with greater complacency and lower attention for a business they perceive as neglected, whereas for a well-maintained business they will operate more attentively to meet its professional standards.

5. A clean environment is a more positive environment

Apart from the specific effects of the aesthetic aspect and the health aspect on the productivity of the workers, both also affect a third aspect which also in itself adds or detracts from the productivity of the workers.

This is the mood of the employees, and their satisfaction in the workplace.

An unclean work environment will be unaesthetic and unhealthy, and these two characteristics - each in its own way - will impair employee satisfaction and cause them discomfort in the work environment.

This discomfort is far more important than one might think, because even if the employee tries to overcome it and provide the highest possible output, dissatisfaction will give its minimal signals about his focus, his concentration and his energy - and over time, it will accumulate to the point. Significant impairment of employee productivity over time.

It should also not be forgotten that this example discusses only the most industrious worker who try to overcome his usual unpleasant feelings - the average worker is likely to react more radically, resent, and thus his productivity will go down and down more and more.

On the other hand, a clean work environment, which results in a hygienic, healthy and aesthetic environment, will produce exactly the opposite effect.

It will make employees feel more positive, fresh and happy, which will be expressed in the workplace with high diligence, focus and concentration, which will significantly increase their productivity.

How do we maintain a clean environment?

It is not enough to know that it is important to keep the work environment clean, but one must also know how to do it efficiently.

Whether we employ an outside cleaning company that takes care of all the cleaning and hygiene issues or whether we employ cleaning workers directly, we must make sure that they perform their work comprehensively and efficiently to ensure that the results are optimal.

In addition, by drawing the attention of the employees themselves in the workplace to the issues of cleanliness, and by encouraging them to maintain proper cleanliness, it is possible to ensure that the entire cleaning routine in the office is carried out with the highest efficiency.

What it usually does is make it convenient for employees / occupants of the home, through a number of products and habits that are instilled in each of the people closest to you in the same environment.

So as we understand,

Automated and non-contact products are products that have become a significant and important part of our lives and human life in general,

Which in addition also lightens our lives and makes us accessible to hygiene and comfort (and sometimes also saving money) in the best and most convenient way that can be.

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May 31, 2022 — amir kahil