Touchless ATM Bank for cash and coins


Safeguard Your Savings with Ease

If you want to keep your money safe and want to make sure that you don't spend it unnecessarily, then this Touchless ATM Bank for cash and coins is the best tool for you, even tho it is compact in design and size, it is super strong and super efficient to keep all of your money safe, it has 4 digit password that you can open any time to buy anything for you, pay bills or for other purposes, it can be a great tool for kids to help them save their money without creating a bank account.

Touchless ATM Bank

It is made of high-quality material so it is really difficult for anyone to break it easily, it also has a few alarms, that keep you updated in case of any mishap or any problem, it has a different 4 digit password, which can be changed anytime to increase the security, it is really simple to use as you have to just keep the money on its mouth, it will suck your bills inside on its own, and after depositing your money, if you want to withdraw, you can simply type your password, and can collect your money by opening the door.


Perfect tool and gift for kids: With the help of this tool, you can encourage your child to develop the habit of saving in an effective and exciting way. Moreover, It is a lovely gift or a perfect addition to any collection, and it is also a great gift for children’s birthday or Christmas gifts. Compact in size, yet so secure: Even though it is tiny in size, it has not compromised security or the quality of the product, it is a strong tool, which cannot be broken or opened easily.

Different indicators for your help: It has different indicators and lights to help you and guide you so that your money can stay safe, it has the green light to indicate the right password and red light to indicate the wrong password, it also has a beep sound that reminds you about the opened door.