Touchless Fish Feeder


Customized Feeding Schedule

If you have fish and you want to make sure that they don't stay hungry and you can feed them on time so that they can live a long, healthy, and peaceful life then this fish feeder is the perfect tool for you, it has an automatic sensor, that allows you to set the timer for the food of your fish, you just need to set it on the aquarium, it has a big food hopper, it can be controlled manually and automatically, with the help of its electronic sensor, you can also set the time of feeding as well, along with the amount of food for your fish. 

Long-lasting Feeder to Prevent Hunger and Promote Health

If you want to ensure the healthy life of all kinds of fish, this device will help you totally, because of its unique quality and uses, which makes it even more special than the other feeding devices. It is made of high-quality plastic, it has an outlet so that you can add your fish food in that, you can also set the timer so that your fish gets proper food after regular intervals of time. It can be recharged and used for hours, it takes only a few minutes to charge and gives many hours of working time. It makes sure that your fish don't die because of hunger at all.


Leak-Proof: It is made of high-quality plastic that allows you to keep the fish food safely in there for many days, and it will be totally fresh. It ensures that you don't have to change the food at all.

Double-feeding mechanism: It has a double feeding mechanism, that allows you to set the timer and amount of food for your fish both; manually as well as automatically. It has to secure a clip, that makes sure that your feeder doesn't fall or stumble.

Easy to access outlet: It has an easy-to-access outlet, that allows you to add the food for your fish easily and you can change the food if you feel it is dirty or contaminated.