Touchless light for toilet


The Perfect Bathroom Companion

If you want to enhance the beauty of your washroom and want to make sure that you can clearly see your toilet seat even in dark, then this touchless toilet light is the perfect device for you.  It has an auto sensor, that turns on when you enter the washroom and turns itself off when you leave it saves your time so you can use it quickly and can save your precious time, not just that it saves you energy because sometimes you can forget to turn off lights after using the toilet, so it helps financially as well. To make your washroom even more unique, it has 8 color lights.

Upgrade Your Washroom's Ambiance

These lights have different modes, they stay on for 15 seconds before changing colors and if you are looking to fix it on one color, you can do that too. Hence, you can select your favorite color as well. It is bent flexibly so that it does not deteriorate the look of your washroom but enhances it. It has a unique sanitary design, which makes it easy to clean. You can simply change the batteries if you feel any dullness in the light. It is totally compatible with all bathrooms, like hotels, homes, rest houses, or anywhere.


Hassle-free use: Due to its effective use, it allows you to use your toilet seat more accurately, hence no mess is created and you can freely use it. Its light can be reduced at night so that your sleep isn't disturbed.

Different colored lights: It has 8 different-colored lights, and each of these colors is displayed for 15 seconds, hence it takes 120 seconds to complete one cycle, you can select one color of your choice as well. 

Saves you energy: Due to its automatic on-and-off feature, it turns on when you enter the washroom, and turns off when you leave, due to which, you don't even have to turn the other lights on, so a lot of your energy is saved.