Touchless light outdoor


Illuminate Your Surroundings

If you want to ensure that your house always keeps lighting and keeps looking bright, then this touchless light is the perfect tool for you. It has bright light and can light up the whole of your garden, backyard, or open room quite easily, along with that, it can charge itself from solar energy so you don't have to use energy, it has a charging time of 8 hours, you can charge it in the day and it gives you working time of more than 8 hours in the night so that you have bright light and you can enjoy your time while even sitting in your garden or backyard.

Crisp and Clear

 It has a sensor angle of 270 degrees so you can clearly consume its light effectively, it gives you 6500k white light, which can light up a garden quite easily. It has PIR sensors in it that can turn it on and off at night and day respectively. It has a highlight delay of 20-25 seconds only. It has a sensor distance of 3-8m. It can work effectively in any temperature as it has a range of 0-45 Degrees. It has a conversion rate of 17 percent, that's why it gives you a decent throw of light.


High capacity of battery:It has a huge battery capacity of 4400mAh which takes only 8 hours to charge, and after charging, it can give you bright light with full throw for more than 8 hours at night. You can use it for your backyards and gardens.

Waterproof:These lights are totally water-proof and hence their charging and usage are not affected due to rain, they perform exceptionally well under the rain as well, not just that, it can avoid severe conditions like thunder, and extra heat as well.

3-working modes: It has 3 working modes. In the first mode, The light is off when there is no movement, and full brightness is when motion is detected. The second mode is Middle Brightness Mode, which keeps steady at night, and powers off during the day. In the third mode, which is dim light Sensor Mode there are no motion lights that keep dim, motion detected lights turn on to full brightness for 20 seconds.