Touchless paper towel motion sensor


Dispense with Ease

If you want to make sure that you can use your paper towel anytime, anywhere without even touching it or making it dirty, then this touchless paper towel is the ultimate device for you, it has a rechargeable battery that allows you to use it for an extended period of time, it is totally waterproof so, it keeps your paper towel dry even in case of any mishap. Due to its attractive design, it allows you to hang it directly to the wall, without any nails, drilling, or anything that can affect your wall. It has an intelligent scanner that allows you to dispense paper towels without any delay.

Enjoy Instant Paper Towel Access with our Intelligent Scanner

It is really simple to use because of its simple mechanism you can press the button and then after adding the tissue paper roll to it, you can simply close it. You can turn it on and off as well quite easily by simply pressing the power button twice. You can attach it anywhere in your house because of its easy-to-install benefit. It can be attached simply with the help of clips, you can attach those clips to the wall and then can place your touchless paper towel holder easily on it.


Waterproof: It is totally waterproof because of its unique quality, it helps you save your tissue paper by making sure that even if some splashes of water fall on the device, even then it will keep your tissue paper extremely dry.

Enhances beauty: Due to its unique design and spacious holding capacity, it enhances the beauty of your house as it is an amazing design, it helps you keep your usable quite easily with minimum effort.

Gigantic battery: It has a huge battery that allows you to use it for many hours after charging it for few times, it is rechargeable and hence can be used again and again for a very long period of time.

Super easy to install and use: Due to its unique design and its quality, it is super easy to install as it requires no nails, or drilling, you can simply attach it to the wall near your seat, and you can use it quite simply by just waving your hand in front of him and it will dispense the paper towel for you.