Touchless pet bathroom - middle


Say Goodbye to Pet Litter Woes

If you want to make sure that you don't have to clean the litter of your pets again and again, and want to get rid of the peculiar smell, then this touchless pet bathroom is the perfect tool for you. This litter box is super essential for you to enhance the grooming level of your pet. It is made of high-quality Rp resin material, that makes it super strong so that your pet can confidently enter it without any doubt of damaging it. Which enables it to bear heavy and strong loads. It is not easy to damage or deform. It also enhances the health of your pet in a unique way.

Experience the Future of Pet Care with our WiFi

It can be controlled with the help of WiFi, which allows you to set multiple modes with the help of an app, different modes are made depending on the nature and kind of your pet. It is compact in size, yet it has a large capacity for your pet. Due to its simple mechanism, it takes only a little space to be placed and gives you utilization of a large space. It has a super adsorption mechanism, that reduces any sort of smell or odor in the litter box, so that you and your pet can sit comfortably in a room, without worrying about odor.


Fully Automatic: It has a fully automatic induction, it allows the cat to enter and leave on its own, and it rotates twice after your pet leaves litter to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your pet. It also completes the shoveling of excrement.

Quiet motor and Multi-color:It has a really quiet motor, that cleans your pet after excrement, so that your pet is not scared of the device, and can sit comfortably inside again and again without getting scared, it has multi-colors so that you can choose according to your pet's preference.

Provides UV sterilization: It provides you with a UV lamp physical irradiation principle, that removes and weakens the harmful micro-organisms on your pet's skin, so they lose their vitality and ability to reproduce so that your pet is saved from 99 percent of the diseases.