Touchless pet feeder App + camera


Smart Feeding, Enhanced Monitoring

If you want to keep an eye on your pet, and want to make sure that he is eating properly, then this automatic pet feeder with the camera is the perfect tool for you. This camera can be connected to your mobile app so that you can clearly see the activities of your pets. If you want to make sure that you can feed your pets anytime easily without forgetting about it, then this touchless pet feeder is the perfect tool for your convenience. This automatic touchless pet feeder has the ability of 1 to 40 servings per meal. Each serving can be enough for your pet, and along with that, it has a decent capacity. So you can store a decent amount of food for your pet. You can simply set the number of meals, and set the timer for your pet so that you can feed your pet comfortably, or he can eat it without waiting for the food.

Ensure Portion Control with the Touchless Pet Feeder

This touchless pet feeder is really useful for you because it helps you to provide food to your pet, with minimum effort, along with that, it keeps the food totally fresh and clean so that your pet Is always healthy and fresh. It prevents pets from opening and eating, so no mess is created and your pet eats the portion of food he is entitled to eat. It makes sure that your pet is never hungry even if you are sleeping, traveling or busy working your extremely busy shifts.


High-quality camera for your pet: It has a superb camera, which can be controlled and can be viewed with the help of your mobile phone through an app. This allows you to keep an eye on the activities of your pets, even when you are not at home.

Fresh Food for your pet: It keeps your pet's food fresh for a very extended period of time. It allows you to keep food in it, it has a tight grip that makes sure that your pet does not waste any food and eats the food to which he is entitled.

Never miss a meal: It makes sure that your pet does not miss a meal because of your busy routine, even if you are traveling somewhere, you can set the timer so that your pet is never hungry, along with that you can set a timer while sleeping and even if you are busy in some meeting or office work.