Touchless shampoo soap dispenser waterproof wall mounted for shower


Embrace Innovation with our Touchless Dispenser for a Spa-like Experience

If you want to ensure leisure and comfort while having a shower, then this touchless shampoo and soap dispenser is the perfect tool for you, it has a motion sensor that allows you to dispense your liquid soap and your shampoo just by laying off your hands In front of the dispenser, it is totally waterproof so that it does not get damaged at all when water is thrown on it intentionally or mistakenly, it has a capacity of 350ml so that you can add a decent amount of shampoo or liquid soap inside the container

Touchless Luxury

It has a simple and stylish design, which gives a super unique and elegant look to your sinks. It is ultra-quiet so it does not produce any noise so that you and your children can wash your hands peacefully. It has a gigantic capacity of 400ml. It is made of high-quality material, which makes it durable, fall-proof, and rust-proof as well. It has a special miniature high-performance motor. It can be recharged and you can use it whenever you want. You can even carry it with you because of its portability. It totally reduces any chances of contact, which results in avoiding cross-infection.


Multi-tasker: This soap dispenser is a multi-tasking device because of its versatility, it can be used in your homes, offices, schools, and even in hospitals to avoid all sorts of bacteria. It has less interaction of skins, which allows you to wash your hands peacefully. 

 Long-lasting: As it has a motion sensor, it allows you to make sure that you can use a minimum of soap without wasting it at all. This allows your dispenser to use a very little amount of soap, hence soap is consumed less and it lasts longer.

 Provides Proper Hygiene: It provides you with complete hygiene because of its non-contact ability, you can dispense the soap without even touching the dispenser or the soap, which reduces the possibility of spreading bacteria.