Touchless Smart Robot Floor Cleaner


Say Goodbye to Manual Cleaning

 If you want to make sure that you can clean your floor of the entire house with minimum effort or no effort, then this touchless smart floor cleaner robot is the perfect tool for you. Due to its versatility, it can be used as a brush as well as a proper vacuum. You can use it and provide instructions with the help of your mobile phone as it can be controlled by the app, not just that it also has buttons on its body that enable you to provide it instructions. It is a proper cleaning tool and can clean your house thoroughly with a single charge.

Smart Cleaning Made Simple

It has the ability to clean a large area thoroughly with features like a vacuum, side brushes, and vacuum brushes. It can easily clean an area of 100-130 square meters quite effortlessly. It can be charged over and over again for a few minutes and can be used for many hours. It is lightweight, so you can carry it to your home, office, or somewhere else to make sure that proper cleanliness can be achieved. It has multiple cleaning modes that include automatic cleaning, along with spot cleaning, edge cleaning, and maximum cleaning mode making cleaning so simple.


Effective cleaning: It has an effective cleaning ability, and due to its several cleaning modes, it ensures the vacuum pump picks up all the particles effortlessly and removes all the dust and other rubbish with the help of two kinds of brushes.

 Safe for your furniture: It provides you with intelligent anti-collision benefits and soft front bumper protection, which makes sure that in case of any unexpected impact with the wall or the furniture or the wall, then both; the wall and the furniture stay safe.

Easy to control: It is really easy to control, it can be controlled with the help of the app, as well as it can be used by the buttons on the body of the device, you just need to set the instructions and you can clean the entire floor of your house quite convincingly.