Touchless Toothbrush for kids


Save Time, Multi-Task Efficiently

If you want to make sure that your children maintain the health and cleanliness of their mouth, then this automatic toothbrush is the perfect tool for you, it has a working angle of 360 degrees. It is extremely useful for you because of its auto-working functionality, you just need to put it in your mouth, and it will clean your all teeth and whole mouth without you touching it at all. While using this super innovative brush, you can select your attire, you can polish your shoes, can press your clothes, and can do other tasks to save your precious time. Since your hands are free you can do other tasks without wasting your time at all.

Make Dental Care Effortless for Your Kids

 It is rechargeable, you can charge it easily whenever you want, it has a gigantic battery that takes only a few minutes to charge the toothbrush, and, it gives you a working time of many minutes. It is made with wool encryption, so it is extremely soft in your mouth, it does not hurt your mouth at all. It does not just clean your teeth, but also cleans your gum, and massages your gums as well. It takes only 45 seconds to clean your mouth thoroughly because of its 360 functionality. It is totally waterproof so it gives you an extended long time.


All-in-one: This is the ultimate tool for your mouth, as it can easily remove all of your mouth issues such as bad breath, yellow teeth, and cavities. It can easily solve all of these issues with regular use. You can also use this to massage your gums as well.

Thorough Cleaning: It provides you with a complete and thorough cleaning of your mouth because of its suspension ultrasonic motor that ensures that there is no food stuck in your mouth, it also has food-grade bristles, that can enter tiny spaces and can ensure safety. 360-Degree Cleaning: It provides you with full mouth cleaning because of its 360-degree cleaning mechanism, its U-shape allows it to fit comfortably in your mouth and provides you with the cleanliness you are looking for.