Touchless trash for any use (smaller)


Cleanliness at Your Fingertips

If you are looking to ensure that your hands or any other part of your body doesn't get dirty every time you touch the trash can, and you don't even have to touch the trash can, then this touchless trash can is the perfect tool for you and your kitchen. Instead of getting your hands dirty every time you open the trash can, get yourself a trash can that opens automatically. This product has the function of improving your quality of life and making sure that you no longer have garbage dirt on your hands. 

Revolutionize Your Waste Management

   It has strong motion sensors, that allow it to open itself automatically when you touch it. It is waterproof, so even if you throw some wet trash or rubbish in it, it will perform in the same way. It has a long-life battery and it can be used for many years. It has a large capacity and hence can keep a huge amount of trash easily. It has smart sensing, it can open its lid with just a gentle tap. It has a simple mechanism with one key. It also has a low noise switch, so your trash can doesn't produce much noise while opening or closing itself.


Quick open and close:It has strong sensors, that allow your trash can to open its lid instantly with a negligible delay so that you don't have to wait for it to open or close, it closes itself instantly as well so that the odor doesn't come out.

Complete tool for trash: It is a complete tool for trash because of its versatility and its classy design, it does look quite stylish and enhances the beauty of the room, you can place it quite easily in your bathroom, living room, kitchen, or even in the living room.

Multi-uses: Since it is a complete tool for trash, you can carry it easily with you anywhere and anytime, You can keep it in your office, your home, your hospital room, or anywhere else too.