Touchless Water Dispenser


Enjoy Up to 40 Days of Easy Water Dispensing with a Single Touch

  If you are tired of lifting heavy cans and pouring water from them, then this automatic single-touch water dispenser is the perfect tool for you. It can be used easily by people of every age. It can be used by people of old age, kids, and sick people. It is made of strong material so it is durable and super reliable. It is suitable for pure bottled drinking water, with minimum effort. It can be used on a variety of bottles so you don't feel bothered. It has a built-in 1200mAh of battery that can be recharged. It can be used for 30-40 days quite easily.

Durable and Dependable

It turns itself off after sixty seconds so that a lot of charging can be saved. It is small in weight and can be carried quite easily. It has stainless steel outlet pipe that makes sure that your device stays non-corrosive. It can be charged easily for a few minutes and give an extended working time. It reduces the effort and gives you fresh water without any contaminators. It has a wireless electric water absorber that makes sure that none of the water is wasted.


 One-click Mechanism:

    This device makes the pouring of water extremely easy because of its one-click or single-touch mechanism. You don't have to lift the whole bottle now for a glass of matter, that might cause a mess in case of slipping.

Gigantic Battery:

     It has a huge battery, that allows you to keep it on for many days, hence with a single charge, it can function for many days. You can easily pump 8-10 buckets of water with a single charge.

Noise Reduction:

     It can pour water comfortably and quickly, you don't have to worry about noise as it produces minimum noise. It keeps the pump silent so there is no noise and you can consume your water comfortably.