Touchless Water Fountain


Ensure Fresh Water for Your Cat with the Touchless Water Fountain

Cats are attracted to running water. This super useful touchless automatic water fountain provides your cat with drinking fresh running water. It Increases your cat's water intake to maintain that healthy goodness. Along with that, these fountains can be a delightful way to entertain your companion.  Pets have a top-notch sense of smell. The sponge captures all the contaminants like pet fur and debris. The special ability of the fountain softens tap water. It Provides your furry pet with fresh and squeaky clean healthy water all the time without you refilling again and again

Hydration at Its Best

The special pump circulates the water that cools the water by 1-2 degrees colder than a standard water bowl. The cool water lures your pet to keep topped up in the hot summer. Regular drinking helps prevent health issues as well as a costly vet bill. The pump on the water dispenser is ultra-quiet and has low-energy consumption, which can last a few years. So, Both you and your pet can enjoy a good night's sleep. You can clean the pump and change the filter every two weeks to maintain the health of your pets. It is equally good for all of your pets, may it be a cat or a dog.


 Ultra Silent: It has an ultra-silent pump that refills the water on its own, without even making a noise, which allows your pet to drink water comfortably without any scare of the high sound of a normal pump.

 Rechargeable: This touchless water fountain is rechargeable and you can charge it for a few hours it gives you a work time of many hours so that your pet will never be thirsty and can enjoy the fresh water whenever he wants.

Removes Contaminated Substances:  It has a natural filter inside it that allows it to filter all the contaminated substances like your pet's hair, and fur quite swiftly so that your pet can drink fresh water as always.