Touchless water tap infrared motion sensor for bathroom


Experience Touchless Handwashing with the Automatic Water Tap

 If you want to innovate your washroom more by making sure that you can wash your hands, face, and other body parts without even touching the tap so that your tap stays new and ever-lasting that you also want to save your water so that you can use it for a longer period of time, then this touchless automatic water tap is the perfect device for you. It has motion sensors in it that help you to wash your hand by just putting them under the sink, and once you remove the hands, the flow of water will be stopped, hence you can save water along with touchless washing.

Convenience and Sustainability Combined

It is made of solid brass material, which gives it high quality, durability, and reliability as well. Since it is made of brass, so there is no chance for corrosion, it is available in straight design so it can always look elegant and can give classy look to your bathroom. It provides high-pressure water so that you can clean thoroughly without any worries at all. It can provide you with both; hot and cold water according to your preference and the weather.


 Provides both; hot and cold water even without touching: It has separate internal faucets, that provide you with both, hot and cold water according to your preference and needs, it also has a mixer that cooperates to maintain the temperature of your water.

Long-lasting: It has high-quality batteries installed in it that give you a very long-usage time of at least a few years so you don't have to worry about the maintenance of these taps and you can change the batteries with ease.